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عربي Follow up Implementation of ARC Board Meeting Decrees dated 2/8/2016   ---   Brief of Decisions and Recommendations of Boord of institutes and central Labs. Directors dated 2-8-2016   ---   Follow up Implementation of ARC Board Meeting Decrees dated 26/7/2016   ---   Brief of Decisions and Recommendations of Boord of institutes and central Labs. Directors dated 26-7-2016   ---   Hungarian Minister of Agriculture visit Agricultural Research center   ---   Brief of Decisions and Recommendations of Boord of institutes and central Labs. Directors dated 19-5-2016   ---   Brief of Decisions and Recommendations of Boord of institutes and central Labs. Directors dated 26-4-2016   ---   International Conference on Research and Technology Development for Sustainable Water Resources Management ( REDWARM)   ---   Visit of a delegation from Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA) concerning arrangements for hosting the Secretariat of the North African    ---   Job vacancy   ---   
ARC FP7 Focal Points From 1th August 2012
NO Name Affiliation Work Phone Mobile No. E-mail
1 Dr/Nabil Omar ARC Focal Point 35720608 01005798921 nabilomarster@Gmail.com
2 Prof. Dr/ Mahmoud mohamed khallaf Agricultural Economics Research Institute (AERI) 33372318 01146896110 mmmkhallaf1@gmail.com
3 Prof. Dr/  Mohamed Moustafa El-Kholy Agricultural Engineering Research Institute (AENRI) 37487212 01006245426 melkholy2010@yahoo .com
4 Dr/Hanaa Abd El-Kader Ahmed Animal Health Research Institute (AHRI) 24875463 01110444747 hanaakader@gmail.com
5 Animal Production Research Institute (APRI)
6 Prof. Dr / Clara Reda Azzam Field Crops Research Institute (FCRI) 35689847 01227206001 clara_azzam@yahoo.com
7 Dr / Safia Abd El-Moneim Abotaleb Horticulture Research Institute (HRI) 37745657 01001850864 safia_abotaleb@hotmail.com
8 Dr / Saad Mohamed Moussa Ahmed Plant Protection Research Institute (PPRI) 33372193 010 4327393 saadmousa@yahoo.com
9 Prof.Dr / Sherine Said Samir Rizkallah Veterinary Serum and Vaccine Research Institute (VSVRI) 01224547940 sher0510@hotmail.com
10 Agricultural Extension & Rural Development Research Institute (AERDRI)
11 Dr / Rania Mahmoud Abou Ali Agricultural Genetic Engineering Research Institute (AGERl) 35729057 01143337555 rania2012amsa@gmail.com
12 Dr / Maha Soliman Ziada Animal Reproduction Research Institute (ARRI) 33764325 01227638606 maha_ziada@hotmail.com
13 Dr / Amal Saber Mohamed Owis Cotton Research Institute (CRI) amalsaber@yahoo.com
14 Food Technology Research Institute (FTRI)
15 Dr / Samy mohamed moustafa Plant Pathology Research Institute (PPATHRI) 01227301134 samymostafaa@gmail.com
16 Prof. Dr/ Shaban M. Abd Elrasoul Soil, Water and Environment Research Institute (SWERI) 35720608 010227375322  drshabanmorgan@gmail.com
17 Dr / Adel Mohamed Abd El-Aal Sugar Crops Research Institute (SCRI) 35697052 01006110787 adelscri64@yahoo.com
18 Dr / Mohamed Abdel-Mohsen Heggi Central Laboratory for Agricultural Climate (CLAC) 33368059 01005010970 mohamedheggi@yahoo.com
19 Eng/Ashraf Mhamed Hassan Hendam Central Laboratory for Agricultural Expert System (CLAES) 33378468 01221820941 a_hendam@claes.sci.eg
20 MONA ELSAYED SHALABY Central Laboratory for Design and Statistical Analysis Research (CLDSAR) 35729469 01001596133 moonytato@yahoo.com
21 Prof. Dr / Yousef Adel Soliman The Central Laboratory for Evaluation of Veterinary Biologics (CLEVB) 01006500618 yousefadel00@hotmail.com
22 (CLMAP)
23 Dr/ Tahany Gaber Mohammaden Mohammad Central Agricultural Pesticide Laboratory (CAPL) 37602209 01224883748 Tahany_20102010@Yahoo.com
24 Dr / Yasser Thabet A. Moustafa Central Laboratory for Aquaculture Research (CLAR) 0553400498 01221838580 ymoustafaonline@yahoo.com
25 Central Laboratory for Date Palm Research and Development(CLDPRD)
26 Dr / Ibrahim Mohammed Kamal Elmaghraby Central Laboratory of Organic Agriculture (CLOA) 237746816 01006542433 ibrahim_elmaghraby@yahoo.com
27 Prof.Dr / Mona Khoshed Central Laboratory of Residue Analysis of Pesticides & Heavy Metals in Foods (QCAP) Accredited according to ISO 17025 37601395 monakhorshed1@hotmail.com
28 Dr / Gihan Mohamed El Moghazy Regional Center for Food & Feed (RCFF). Accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025 from A2LA 35713250 01222331390 g_rcff@hotmail.com
29 Dr / Ahmed Abd El-Monem Taha Ismail Weed Research Central Laboratory (WRCL) 24678554 01110052590 ahmedera2000@yahoo.com
30 Dr / Abeer Elhalwagi National Gene Bank(NGB) 35693241 abeerelhalwagi@gmail.com