Effect of different seasoning formulas on nucleic acid nitrogen contents in animal foods

Abstract: Animal foods are rich source in proteins, but the continue of feeding of large amount cause some health problems as gout. The aim of this study trying to decrease the nucleic acid nitrogen content in animal foods (beef meat, liver meat, breast chicken and mackerel fish) within seasonings by using different formulas which contain onion bulb, garlic bulb and lemon juice in all formulas and black pepper, cumin, ginger, rosemary, thyme and basil in individual formula. The seasoning period was 12 h.
Results showed the positive effect of these seasonings on the decrement of nucleic acid nitrogen content lead to several content of antioxidants. The best formula which contained to ginger (4) compared with other formulas because the decrement percentage of nucleic acid nitrogen were 55.42, 53.12, 51.76 and 49.75, in breast chicken, liver meat, Mackerel fish and beef meat, respectively compared to non-seasoning sample (formula 1), after that rosemary, thyme, basil, cumin then black pepper. Whereas, formula 1 which contained onion, garlic and lemon juice was the lowest effect on nucleic acid nitrogen content of animal foods. The decrement of nucleic acid nitrogen when using for ginger formula (4) lead to the highest percentage of total polyphenols, then rosemary formula (5) and green basil formula (7) (71.23, 69.75 and 66.17mg/g), respectively. The content of flavonoids in formula contained basil was the highest then formula contained ginger (25.58 and 23.18 mg/g), respectively. Also, formula 4, 5 and 6 then 7 showed the highest reducing power as antioxidant activity (from 2.25 to 2.02) compared with other formulas.
Publication year 2011
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serial title المؤتمرالدولى (الجودة الشاملة للنباتات الطبية و العطرية ... منظومة التعبئة و التغليف لتنمية الصادرات)
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