Abstract: Sunflower oil crop is from promising oil crops to fill the oily gap and achieve self-sufficiency as its seeds contain about 60 % oil and the protein ratio in the seed is between 44 - 48 %. Its importance as an oil crop has increased in the recent years because it could be planted in most types of newly reclaimed land as well as the land that has proportion of salinity up to 3000 ppm with good drainage. Also, sunflower can be planted three times during the year and can be inter-cropped on the other crops such as tomatoes.
The most important results indicated that the important factors affecting the consumed quantity from sunflower oil are the amount of production and per capita income. It is from the equation also the two mentioned factors affect the consumed amount of sunflower oil by about 76%. Also, the volume of feddan production of sunflower which minimizes production costs to the lowest level is estimated by 1109 kg as shown by the study sample and nobody in the sample (60 farmer) his production exceeds this size which exceeds the productivity average of 814.77 kg by 294.23 kg. The results also showed that the optimal rate to add a nitrogen fertilizer is 169.50 kg while the farmers in the study sample use about 90 kg nitrogen/fed and this is less than optimal rate by about 79.5 kg.
Publication year 2014
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