Kick Off Meeting
Twinning Project Kick-Off Meeting
 8 September 2015
Today the 8th of September 2015, with the participation of his excellence, Dr. Hossam Moghazy, Minister of Irrigation and Acting Minister of Agriculture, and the esteemed representatives of the embassies of France, Italy and the Netherlands, the European Commission in Cairo, the French Ministry of Agriculture, Food industry and Forestry (MAAF), Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies (MiPAAF), the Wageningen University and Research Centre and the Agricultural Research Centre Dr. Abdel Monem ElBanna, President of the ARC launched the Kick-Off meeting of the European Union Twinning Project for “The Support the Improvement of Agricultural Research in Egypt through the Modernisation of the Agricultural Research Centre”.
The project is funded by 1.4 million Euros from the EU. The scope of the project is to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of agricultural research in Egypt by consolidating the legal basis and strengthening the coordination and operational capacity of ARC in accordance with EU best practices. The project will address four key domains; legal and regulatory reform; institutional and administrative reform (including ARC management information system);   coordination of ARC with its stakeholders and management of knowledge transfer and extension;   capacity building and training.
Promises of mandatory results include improving; regulatory framework of ARC in line with EU best practices; monitoring and evaluation; control and risk assessment management; co-ordination procedures; skills of ARC staff; administrative capacity of ARC; quality certification and standardisation system.
This Twinning project is managed by Programme Administration Office (PAO) in the framework of the Support to the Association Agreement Programme (SAAP). It is implemented as a partnership between ARC and its counterparts from France, Italy and the Netherlands. During this long term institutional cooperation project, many expert missions from French, Italian and Dutch institutions will be implemented to support ARC experts as well as study visits of Egyptian experts to European partners’ countries.
Training on use of Open Source platforms for public research institutes


Training on Use of Open Source Platforms for Public Research Institutes 

9 March 2017

In the period between the 5th and the 8th of March 2017, withing the activities of the EU Twinning porject with the ARC, a training workshop was held on the use of Open Source platforms for public research institutes .  The italian expert Iraj Namdarian, held a taining workshop for develeppers from the Central Laboratory for Agricultural expert Systems in ARC on the use of Open source software platforms in public research insitutations. 

The EU expert also held traning sessions with ARC managers on the concept of open source platforms and the use of such platforms.
The workshop comes within the activities of component B of the project Component B: Institutional and administrative reform and set up of MIS. In order to initiate the ARC modernisation process, it is proposed to build up a consensus on a new model of organization
and management of the Egyptian agricultural research. In accordance with European Union best practices, the ARC organizational structure will be reviewed with the aim of strengthening its coordinating role at internal and external levels and increasing the efficiency of its human resources. A new Management Information System is to be developed. 
You can check the presentations of the workshops at  the PDF section of this page
Strategic Planning for Training

Strategic Planning for Training

15 October 2015

Within the framework of the EU twinning project with ARC “Support of the Improvement of Agriculture Research in Egypt through the modernization of the Agriculture Research Centre” , the project organized a three day workshop titled “Strategic Planning for Training: Case Studies”. The workshop was organized within the efforts for the development of institutional and capacity building within ARC. The workshop was led by the EU expert Dr. Pascal Bergeret, Director of the Mediterranean agronomic institute of Montpellier (CIHEAM), and Dr. Hani Ramadan, Vice President of ARC for extension and training.

More than 30 attendees from the different ARC institutes and laboratories presented strategic plans for the development of their institutes, the following two days; the attendees were trained on the main skills of strategic planning.