Substitute yellow corn with sorghum in starter and grower diet of Fayoumi chicks

Abstract: The present study was carried out at the Poultry Research Station, EI-Azab. Fayoum, Egypt. The target of this investigation was designed to study and evaluate the profitable effects of replacing yellow corn (Y C) with different levels of sorghum grains (as a source of metabolizable energy, ME in the starter and the grower diets) on productive performance, slaughter characteristics, some blood hematological parameters and economical efficiency of the diets for the Fayoumi growing chicks. A total number of 225 unsexed one-week old Fayoumi chicks were used and this work lasted for 12 weeks. These chicks were randomly distributed equally to five experimental dietary treatments, in which, each experimental dietary treatment was equally subdivided into three replicates. Chicks were housed in battery brooders equipped with raised wire floors, and were reared under similar environmental, managerial and veterinarian conditions. At the beginning of first week of age, chicks were wing bands and weighed to obtain the initial live body weights. Both the starter and the grower diets were prepared where; sorghum grains substituted YC at graded levels, 0, 25, 50, 75 and 100%. The starter and the grower diets were formulated to be isonitrogenou, 19 and 15% CP, and isocaloric, almost 2900 kcal ME/kg diet respectively. It could be concluded that, YC could be completely by sorghum grains in Fayoumi growing chicks without any obvious deterioration on the productive performance.
blood hematological and carcass characteristics. While, replacing 75% YC with sorghum grains achieved the best economical efficiency and relative economical efficiency.
Publication year 2011
Pages 39-49
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Blood composition. Carcass composition. Chickens. Economic analysis. Energy. Maize. Production. Rations. Sorghum.
Proposed Agrovoc starter diet;grower diet;
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