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It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Agricultural Research Center (Egypt) website, which is a new bridge between the ARC researchers and all agricultural related workers within and outside the Arab Republic of Egypt. The website will be an interactive communication way and will serve as a liaison between the agricultural researcher, farmers and agricultural extension workers by providing useful information about the various research institutes and central laboratories activities. I wish you good sailing on our page

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Egypt is an intensive user of modern technologies to improve agricultural productivity in view of the natural resource base scarcity and population pressure. With this in mind, the very creation of the Ministry of Agriculture in the beginning of the 20th century was preceded by the establishment of technical divisions and the develo
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Ammonia gas as a source of nitrogenous fertilizers:
- using gaseous ammonia (ammonia) as a source of nitrogen fertilizer to fertilize the field crops and vegetables.
- characterized by higher gaseous ammonia nitrogen contents of 82% in addition to it of less nitrogenous fertilizers known pricier it is the raw material used for the manufacture of chemical nitrogenous fertilizers.
- added ammonia gas before planting is our right under the surface of the soil at depths Mn10- 20 cm by adding special devices (Hakanat) designed special weapons to put pressure gas into the soil.
- added ammonia gas after plowing and soften the soil at rates in addition vary according to soil type and the type of crop.
- cultivation takes place after 3-5 days of adding gaseous ammonia.