Abustit: He appoints Dr. Jihan Abdul Ghaffar as head of extension sector at the Ministry of Agriculture

Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, Dr. Ezzeddine Abusett issued a decree appointing Dr. Jihan Abdel Ghaffar Abdel-Azim El-Menoufy to serve as head of the agricultural extension sector in the ministry's ministry, in addition to her work as an agent of the Agricultural Extension and Rural Rural Research Institute for Research

Abusetit thanked Dr. Khalifa Khalifa, Chairman of the Agricultural Sector and former Head of the Guidance Sector for his time as head of the sector

For his part, Khalifa thanked the Minister of Agriculture and all the ministry leaders for their cooperation during his term of office and wished Dr. Cihan Abdul Ghaffar and all the leaders success in serving our dear Egypt