Agriculture: Opening of the station of the Desert Research Center in Halayeb

Major General Ahmad Abdullah, Governor of the Red Sea, and Dr. Naeem Moslehi, Head of the Desert Research Center, on behalf of Dr. Ezzeddine Abu Setit, Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, inaugurated a new headquarters for the Desert Research Center station in Halayeb

Naeem said that this comes within the plan of the Center and the Ministry to support the integrated development programs of the Red Sea Governorate. The headquarters will provide accommodation and living for the members of the research committee of the Desert Research Center. It encourages them to carry out research and studies and facilitate the exploration of natural resources in the region. On pasture and natural grazing and raising the skills of women in the field of goat milk for the purpose of value added work, as well as training in the field of medicinal and aromatic plants of the region
The opening ceremony was attended by Dr. Abdullah Zaghloul, Vice President of the Desert Research Center and a group of Desert Research Leaders and the Popular and Executive Leaders in the Red Sea Governorate