Agrarian Reform launches a clean agriculture workshop to provide healthy and safe food for citizens

Dr. Hassan Al-Fowali, Director of the Public Authority for Agrarian Reform, inaugurated the Clean Agriculture Project workshop to provide healthy and safe food for citizens. The meeting was part of the recommendations of the first conference on agricultural reform cooperatives, under the patronage of Dr. Ezzeddin Abusett, Minister of Agriculture. And land reclamation.

Al-Fawli pointed to the importance of raising awareness of the expansion of clean, pesticide-free agriculture that contributes to the provision of healthy and safe food to citizens. This is in line with the initiatives of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, especially the initiative "Citizen and dignity - 100 million health".

The Director of the Authority during the workshop, which included the heads of central administrations and directors of public land reform, and the directors of the directorates of agrarian reform in the provinces, the speed of the inventory of all assets of the state-owned land reform in implementation of the mandates of Dr. Ezzeddine Abu Setit Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, to create a database of those assets As well as the collection of all data on the land, especially untapped and reclaimed areas in preparation for public auction in coordination with the General Authority for Public Services in accordance with the recommendations of the Board of Directors of the Authority.

Al-Fulei stressed the need for the directors of the directorates of agrarian reform to pay attention to the removal of encroachments on the land of reform and to implement this in cooperation with the competent bodies, in addition to the importance of cooperation and coordination with the governors for the legalization of land. He pointed out that a committee for auditing the special budgets for projects established on land reform, The existence of any non-profit projects, the causes of loss will be investigated, and the possibility of converting them into productive and profitable projects.

He said that with regard to the project of distribution of wheels public on women and widows and small families of low-income, it requires the directors of the directorates to work to raise awareness of citizens wishing to benefit from that project to the extent of usefulness and how to benefit from it. The Director also warned the directors of the directorates to educate citizens to accelerate registration In the agricultural card system for the disbursement of fertilizers supported them and to benefit from the services of the system.