Intensive activity of the Minister of Agriculture at the end of his visit to Tanzania

"Abostit" is discussing with the ministers of national service, agriculture and livestock in Tanzania the establishment of a common model farm
The Minister of Defense and National Service, Tanzanian Minister of Agriculture and Minister of Animal Resources and Fisheries discussed the establishment of a joint model farm between the two countries. .
Abostit and his Tanzanian counterpart Javit Njaylung Hasunga discussed intensifying cooperation between the two countries in developing the important economic crops of Tanzania to meet local needs such as rice, maize and oil crops, as well as carrying out specialized training programs to raise the technical competence of agricultural cadres in Tanzania, Egyptian cotton varieties are there.
During the meeting, the Minister of Defense and National Service, Dr. Hussein Mweni, discussed aspects of joint cooperation in the cultivation of important economic crops in Tanzania as well as the field of agricultural processing and the introduction of high productivity Egyptian varieties. The proposal to establish a joint model farm with the Tanzanian National Service and the application of agricultural technology in agriculture Crops as well as animal production and agro-processing.
The Minister of Defense welcomed the joint cooperation between the two countries in the field of establishing the joint farm through the National Service Projects Project in Tanzania, pointing out that the appropriate location for this purpose will be determined as soon as possible during the current month.
The Minister of Agriculture and Luhaja Ambena met with the Minister of Animal Resources and Fisheries, and reviewed the investment opportunities available in Tanzania in the field of animal production, especially in view of the availability of large livestock for export or meat processing to increase value added.
The two sides also discussed the timetable for the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the Egyptian National Company for African Investment in Egypt and the Norwegian company "Narko" in the field of exporting meat to Egypt, where the Tanzanian minister promised to complete all the necessary procedures to be signed before the end of February.
Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation Dr. Ezzeddin Abu Setit, accompanied by Dr. Mohamed Suleiman, head of the Agricultural Research Center, and Dr. Maher Al Maghrabi, Director of the African Common Farm Project, visited Zanzibar and Tanzania to discuss ways of boosting agricultural cooperation with Egypt. Areas of cooperation with the countries of the continent.
He pointed out that there are directives from President Abdul-Tuffah al-Sisi, President of the Republic, and Dr. Mustapha Medbouli, the Prime Minister, to strengthen the Egyptian role in the African continent and the Ministry of Agriculture to transfer its technical and agricultural expertise to the peoples of African countries.