Agriculture Minister discusses opening up New Zealand markets to export of Egyptian citrus

The Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation meets Mr. Greg Lewis, the Ambassador of New Zealand in Cairo, in the presence of
Dr. Mana Mehrez - Deputy Minister of Agriculture for livestock, fish and poultry,
Dr. Mohamed Soliman - President of the Agricultural Research Center, and
Dr. Saad Mousa - Supervisor of External Agricultural Relations.

Dr. Abu Statit welcomed the Ambassador of New Zealand at the beginning of his mission in Cairo and praised the achievements in agricultural cooperation between the two countries. He expressed his hope to continue that as a model for strong cooperation relations. He hoped that the training in veterinary services would increase the ability of participating veterinarians to absorb modern science. And increased their ability to transfer their experience to become trainers for other veterinarians who did not participate in this training.

The meeting also dealt with the opening of the New Zealand market to the export of Egyptian orange. He stressed the quality of the Egyptian agricultural product and hoped to resume cooperation between the two sides to finalize the files for the export of other Egyptian agricultural products such as other citrus varieties and other internationally recognized products.

For his part, the New Zealand Ambassador addressed the issue of completing the inspection and review of the facilities of the approved slaughterhouses for the export of New Zealand meat to Egypt by the Egyptian authorities, the massacres that follow the Islamic centers in New Zealand regarding the rules of halal slaughter.
Dr. Mona Mehrez confirmed the inspection of these massacres - which was carried out by an Egyptian technical delegation and described the New Zealand authorities following all rules concerning the Halal slaughter, encouraging the adoption of New Zealand massacres to export meat and meat products to Egypt.
And that the agreement is being reached with the New Zealand side in order to bring the cows and sheep of the public and the public of the good breeds that can be used in the plan set by the Ministry of livestock breeding programs to improve their production to meet the local market needs of meat instead of relying on imports from abroad, To obtain semen for good strains and transfer of modern technologies for artificial insemination so that progress can be made in different livestock breeding systems.
The New Zealand Ambassador also praised the results of fruitful cooperation with the Egyptian side during the past period through training programs directed to Egyptian veterinarians and organized in Egypt and New Zealand, where Egyptian trainees showed enthusiasm for training and ability to participate effectively, A proposal to establish a workshop in Egypt soon to invite a number of experts from New Zealand to participate in the transfer of their expertise to a larger number of Egyptian veterinarians,

At the end of the meeting, the two sides expressed their aspiration to strengthen the agricultural cooperation relations between the two sides in the future in a way that serves the interests of the two countries.