The period from 2014 until now, which is the period of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi's rule, witnessed many achievements that were made in the advancement of the Egyptian agricultural wealth. The Agricultural Research Center (which is the largest applied research entity in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa) has contributed to the development of many fields in order to serve the Egyptian agricultural sector and has achieved many achievements that reflect the vision of the center to work at an accelerated pace and at all levels in parallel to achieve a major development boom that contributes greatly In achieving food security for citizens in all parts of the Republic without exception.

The belief of the political leadership in the capabilities of Egyptians, the importance of science and scientific research, the necessity of adopting the latest technologies, maximizing added value, and not being satisfied with the minimum level of achievements and striving to compete with developed countries in all sectors, has helped the center achieve scientific breakthroughs in various fields.

1- Achievements in the field of social responsibility

A. In the field of combating the emerging corona virus (Covid 19)

The vaccine that inhibits the Covid-19 virus (Egy Vax) was produced through the Veterinary Serology and Vaccine Research Institute. Finally, the approval of the Egyptian Medicines Authority was obtained to start applying the clinical studies protocol on humans. Clinical trials have already begun. These efforts come within the framework of the Egyptian government’s efforts. Serious steps to confirm the pioneering role that Egypt plays in combating the crises it faces and trying to mitigate the effects of this pandemic.

B- More than 55,000 samples of food of animal origin, feed additives, veterinary supplies, animal feed and their products have been examined since 1/29/2020, imported and exported from the border crossings, to detect the Corona virus.

2- Contributing to achieving Egyptian food security by increasing the agricultural productivity of strategic crops and protecting them

3- The center's contribution to the protection and development of animal, poultry and fish wealth

4- The center's contribution to increasing the volume of Egyptian agricultural exports

5- Food safety and the provision of healthy and safe food (health control)

-: In the field of food safety, the number of samples that are analyzed monthly at the Central Laboratory for Pesticide Residues is more than 20,000 samples, with an annual total of about 280,000 samples. The number of samples that are analyzed monthly in the Central Laboratory for Pesticides is about 7,000, which equals approximately 84,000 samples annually.

-: Examination of food of animal origin imported and exported through the sea and land ports and traded in the local market and received from judicial seizures (185270)

-: Detection of adulteration in various meat and its products to ensure that there is no meat or its derivatives from pigs or equines.