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Knowledge Base Tool for Enhancing Expert Systems Dialogue

Abd Elrahman Mohamed, 2019

Available diagnosis expert systems ask users many questions in order to identify the diseases. These questionsaresometimes vague and need more interpretations. Further, using a lot of questions does not satisfy the end-user and turn the expert system to be boring and unfriendly.In this paper, Iintroducea tool for building knowledge base. Also, Iproposeanapproach for enhancing expert system dialogue with end-user. The proposed approach was appliedin plant diseases. Instead of just asking the end user only text questions, images for different symptomson different part of the plantsare displayed to him. Then the end-user selects the imageswhich are approximate tohis plant symptoms. Finally,the system adapts the dialogue. This process isrepeated till reaching the final diagnosis.The proposed tool is a web-based, andit adopts XML to store ontology, schema of knowledge base and knowledge base. The proposed tool was applied in building a prototype for barley knowledge baseand diagnosis expert system.

Distributed Single Pass Clustering Algorithm Based on MapReduce

Abd Elrahman Mohamed, 2018

Available data increase quickly every moment, this eventually drags to big data flooding. Hence there is an emergent need for exploiting big data in order to extract valuable knowledge from it. Adoption of distributed architecture and data intensive algorithms facilitates handling and processing big data. This paper introduces a distributed single pass clustering algorithm based on MapReduce in order to reduce running time of processing big data. Also, it introduces median based single pass clustering in order to mitigate the order of the input data problem that is associated with single pass clustering. Furthermore, it introduces a new hybrid approach which integrates median based single pass clustering and k-means algorithm. The proposed integration improves the median based clustering to work well with sparse data such as text.

Study Impact of Integration Between Cover Crop and Weed Control Treatments onWeeds and Improved Sugarcane Productivety

Mohammed Mekky, Abdelrahim Radwan, 2018

A filed experiment was carried out at Al-Mattana Agricultural Research station, Agricultural Research Center, Luxor Governorate during 2015/16 and 2016/17 seasons, to study the effect of intercropping soybean (cover crop) with sugarcane crop, sole sugarcane and weed control treatments i.e. (Stomp at 1.75 l/f. hand hoeing twice at 25 and 45 days after planting and unweeded check) as the integrated weed control on fresh and dry weight of weeds (g/m2) and yield of primary crop (sugarcane) and secondary crop (soybean) which intercropping with sugarcane in natural infested soil by weeds. The experiment was laid out in randomized complete block design (RCBD) under split plot arrogant with four replication, intercropping treatments was put in the main plots and weed control treatment in split plots with four replications for each treatment.

Production and Marketing Problems of Olive Farmers in Some Villages in Ismailia Governorate

Dr.Fekrey Kamel Ali, 2017

This research aimed to identify the problems which face the farmers in production and marketing olive crop, identify their relative importance of these problems, and the suggestion to overcome them, as well as identify their information resources in this area. The research was conducted in three villages selected from of three districts which have the major cultivated area of the crop in ismailia governorate. One village in each districts was selected by the same criterion used in the districts selection. These villeges were el manayef, sharque el Bohyrat and el asher men Ramdan. A Sample of 99 respondents were selected randomly which repercent 15% of the total number of the farmers wich were 661 farmers. Data were collected during the April and May 2016. through personal interviews using by pretested questionnaire. Precenage, frequencies and medium degrees were used for data presented. The main results were as follows: - The major problems which face the farmers in production area were: the high cost of transporting the crop as mentioned by (99%), lack of irrigation water (98%), and high prices of fertlzers (3, 92 med. degree) and high prices of pesticides (3,91 med. degree). The major problems which faced the farmers in marketing area were: monopolisation of the squezers owners (99%), using palm crates in packing the crop (96%) ؛The trader monopolisation of the olive export (3,88 mod. degree) and lake of olive oil markets (3,57 mod. dagree) - The proposed solution respondents to over come Their problems in producing and Marketing the crop were: providing fertilizers with suitable prices (98%) and the same concerning the pesticides (96%). - Concerning the respondent's sources of information about these producing and marketing the crop they were: relationships and neighbours (68,7%), and T.V programs (43,3%).

Requirements of Rural Tourism attraction in Matrouh governorate and planning a proposed tourism program for one selscted village in it

Engy Mohammed nagy faied, Dr.Wahed Abd El-sadeik Ahmad, 2017

This research aimed to identify the requirements of rural tourism attraction in Matrouh governorate, and to determine the constraints which may face it, in addition to know the dicision makers vision of it about establishing this kind of tourism and finally plan a rural tourism program in one selected village. Data were collected in December month, 2016, through a secondary sources and electron cites plus a pretested questionnaire to collect data by personal interview from the responsible people of the concerned institutions included tourism, agricultural extension, local council, culture and security services, inanition three focus groups discussion approach included from 7- 10 respondents for each, Organized to the people in the selected village. The study results were as follows:- 1. All the decision makers of the governorate mentioned that. There are many attractive locations in the governorate villages could be useful for tourism. 2. All the respondents of the discussion groups recommended that Aghormy village in Siwa is beautiful and calm and has most of tourism requirements. 3. Most of the respondents mentioned that the constraints which could face the tourists in the selected village were: Absence of the infrastructures services, lack of people awareness towards how to invest their resources, poverty, impediment of economic participation due to some traditional and social habits to work outside home. 4. The major important solution of the respondents for overcoming the mentioned constraints were: The vast areas and valleys such as sanb valley which could be invested, conducting festivals for rural tourism, establishing a permanent exhibition for marketing Matrouh products and rural handcrafts, beside salt products which attract the tourists. 5. According to the research results, an attracting tourism program is planed for entertaining the tourists who will visit the selected village. Due to the research results, 7 recommendations are deducted.

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