Production of 4 new high yielding local varieties of sugarcane that raised productivity from 31.5 ton/f. in 1981 to 50 ton/f. in 2002. Likewise, productivity of sugar beet has been increased from 12 ton/f. in 1982 to 21.0 ton/f. in 2002. The tangible increase in productivity is attributed mainly to:
1- Application of technical recommendation
package of agricultural practices,
integrated pest & disease management.
2- Planting the high yielding varieties.
3- Application of laser land leveling
technique that reduced sugar cane water
requirement by 25 to 40%.
4- Introducing sugar beet crop to the Egyptian
agriculture rotation in kafr El sheikh in
1982 as a new sugar crop, with less water
requirements, and tolerance to soil
5- Introducing sugar beet in Dakahlia, El-
Fayoum and El Mina and carrying out the
feasibility study to grow sugar beet in
6- Sugar Crops Research Institute acts as a
consultant agency in the field of sugar
crops and natural sweeteners production and
7- Successful introduction of sweet corn and
its utilization in the production of golden
syrup and printing papers. The research
work is currently carried out to introduce
natural sweetener crops on a commercial
8- SCRI published more than 15 extension
bulletins on production of sugar crops.
Also, the SCRI scientists organized
workshops, training courses, field days to
transfer the new technologies to farmers.