Future Activities

1- Continuation of producing new sugarcane
varieties characterized by high yield, sugar
content and tolerant to all stress conditions as
drought, salinity and frost.
2- Layout zonal map for the different varieties
(early, medium and late maturing) at the major
production Governorates.
3- Prepare the technical packages for sugar beet in
the new Governorates up to year 2005. The aim is
to maximize the yield of sugar beet so as to
compete well with the traditional ones in those
4- Cultivation of sweet sorghum at a large scale
for the production of golden syrup, printing
paper and feed industries.
5- Introducing of natural sweeteners to replace
sucrose in food and drugs industries.
6- Follow up the implement integrated management
system for sugar crops production expenditure
and increase net return of water & soil unit.
7- Implement of improved irrigation system,
biological, biotechnology and genetic
engineering techniques to increase sugar crops
production quantitatively and qualitatively.