Main achievements of the institute in the area of research have influenced and significantly improved the reproductively of cattle, buffalo and sheep through:
1• Improving reproductive potentials of farm animals.

2• Diagnosis and control of neonatal diseases and mastitis.

3• Prevention and treatment of reproductive diseases.

4• Expanding of A.I and embryo transfer technique applications.

5* Application of frozen semen technology in farms.

6* Reduction of inter calving intervals.

7* Detection of veterinary drug Residue in Animal tissue, secretion and products.

8* Improving Milk quality & quantity.

9* Early Pregnancy diagnosis by using Ultrasonography to avoid semen born diseases.

10* Examination of imported frozen semen for examination of females.

11* Vet. Companigns allover the country.

12* Cooperation agreements held for the purpose of preparing an integrated care program that aims to provide various services.

13* Training of veterinarian to update and upgrade their skills.