Current Activities

1-Providing extension services for dairy and beef farms.
2-Conducting reproductive management and artificial insemination programs for cattle and buffalo farms.
3-Gynaecological examination for diagnosis of reproductive disorders causing abortion and infertility.
4-Laboratory examination for diagnosis of reproductive infections causing abortion and infertility.
5-Examination and evaluation of bulls used for natural and artificial insemination purposes.
6-Application of artificial insemination using locally prepared frozen semen
7-Application of ultra-sonography for early diagnosis of pregnancy & reproductive disorders.
8-Examination of imported frozen semen for reproductive diseases.
9-Examination, diagnosis and treatment of microbial causes of mastitis.
10-Examination of milk tanks in dairy farms to ensure compliance with animal health & the hygienic condition of milking system.
11- Rapid and early diagnosis diseases of the newly born form animals and their control.
12- Estimation of trace elements levels in serum of farm animals using radio immuno assays.
13- Analysis of scientific research data through a well developed computer unit.
14- Training of veterinarians and workers in the fields of reproduction, udder health and neonates rearing for improvement of their performance and service in governmental and private farms as well as small holders.