Future Activities

1- Further establishment of modern technology for improvement of productive and reproductive capacity in farm animals.
2- Application of genetic engineering technology in diagnosis of reproductive diseases that may lead to failure of fertilization as well as further epidemiological investigation or such diseases.
3- Application of modern techniques for preparing of monoclonal antibodies to neonatal pathogens that would reflect positively on improving diagnosis of such diseases.
4- Application of finger print technology in diagnosis of reproductive pathogens.
5- Application of modern biotechnology and genetic engineering techniques in sire selection purposes and amplification of the recommended chromosomal genes to improve the native Egyptian breeds.
6- Establishment of selected embryo bank for the wide application of molecular biology transfer technology.
7- Application of molecular biology techniques for production of hormonal detectors and preparation of biological products used for treatment of reproductive problems to replace the imported preparations.
8- Preparation of immunoglobulins and antiglobulins to be used in improving the diagnosis of reproductive problems of the Egyptian farm animals.