Achievements 2002 - 2015:

• Research papers published 42 and 14 (Ph.D. and M.Sc. thesis) covered livestock multi disciplines in different areas in Egypt.
• Two studies for poultry production in rural areas.
• Ten training courses for young researchers in APRI.
• Development technical and economical farm plan model.
• Teaching in international training program organized by Ministry of agricultural foreigner affair.
• Twelve national and 2 international conferences attending.
• Participation in APRI five years research plan two times.
• Technical advices to small and medium farms in different areas.
• Department members attended international training course and conference in Italy, Spain, France, China, Denmark and Australia.
• Cooperation outside APRI with economic research institute, general organization of veterinary services to assessment the diseases social impact on householders.
• Cooperation with extension administration for recycling agricultural by- products national campaign.