Current Activities

Research activities:
• Improve livestock water efficiency.
• Using simulation model to improve utilization of feed resources in livestock (Feeding Plans).
• Alleviation of the negative impact of climatic changes on livestock productivity.
• Direct linkage with the stakeholders to test and refine the technologies
developed so as to fulfill the requirements at field conditions.
• Improve calf rearing systems in dairy farms.
• Development of state of the animal housing system for optimum comfort and alleviation of heat stress.
• Improving poultry production especially in rural sector.
• Improve livestock and its products market systems.

Extension activities:

• Demonstration and disseminate different livestock technical packages at farm levels with consideration socio-economic circumstances.
• Updating skill of human resources at national and developing countries trainee for livestock systems analysis.
• Livestock credit promoting campaign for small enterprises with technical support by department members.
• Feasibility studies for livestock enterprises.