Evaluation of green forages which considered the main component in the diets of ruminants especially Egyptian clover and alfalfa .

- Transfering and improving the forage conservation technology in the form of hay or silage and conservation of green crop residues as well like corn stover,to alleviate the gab of feedstuffs in Egypt.

- utilizing of unconventional sources of protein for being added to ruminant rations such as guar korma, DDGS and rapeseed meal.

- Utilizing unconventional energy sources for ruminant rations such as protected fats and some high energy full fat- seeds.

-Developing what the most recent in the field of feed additives (enzymes, yeast, beneficial micro organisms and many kinds of probiotic products which have a positive responses in animal performance .

- Using untraditional ingredients for formulation milk replacers for suckling calves , with the early weaning systems for saving the natural milk for human consumption .

Maximizing utilization of some crop by – products in particular
green rice straw which can be conserved in silage form.

- Using some medical herbal as a feed additives.

- Optimizing utilization of good quality roughages in feeding for saving the concentrate portion in ruminant rations.

- Using a lot of new feed resources in the cycle of ruminant dieto .