First: Developmental activity (direct contribution in the national development plan
1. Production of superior- pedigreed sires with distinct genotypes to be distributed to breeders all over the country.
2. Supplementation of the artificial insemination center at Sakha district with bulls used to collect, freeze semen to be available for buffalo breeders.
2. Establishment of a nucleus buffalo herd of distinct female genotypes to be spread at the national level, for upgrading of milk productivity of the Egyptian buffalo.
3. Establishment of a Seidi buffalo herd at sids (Beni-suief) Experimental station to preserve this population resources.
4. Communication with buffalo breeders through:
a. Provision of scientific advice and feasibility studies in addition to specialized training courses for breeders
b. Field visits to private buffalo farms to get to know the most important issues and make proposals to resolve
5. Genetic improvement of the buffalo herds using new selection indices of the genetically superior animals, which lead to increased productivity at the rate of 15-25%
6. –The use of some innovative methods for the detection of estrus in female buffalo, such as the use of female teasers for estrus detection leading to an increase in fertility rates, the animal's longevity in addition to increased farm income.
7. Alleviate the animal's heat stress during the summer period using economic means, such as a short-term cooling or water baths improving animals' ability to produce milk up to 20%.
8. The use of additives and injectable supplements to buffalo dams, which boost the dams and newly-born immunity in addition to increase of calve's growth rate and upgrading of dam's milk production.
9. The use of natural growth promoters with non-hormonal substances resulting in increased growth rates for newly-born calves, early age of puberty and sexual maturity.
10. Issuance of flyers, brochures and articles to increase awareness of buffalo breeders concerning management of the buffalo.
Secondly, the research activity of the department: -
Implementation of the 2012-2017 research plan with respect to the buffalo breeding section in terms of:
A- Genetic improvement in Buffalo using selection programs in addition to the study impact of Egyptian buffalo crossing with imported buffalo species on the productive and reproductive performance of the Egyptian buffalo population.
B- Improvement of the reproductive efficiency of the buffalo to increase their annual output.
C- Upgrading of milk and meat from buffalo production economics.
D- Improvement of buffalo herd's management that allow a maximum milk and meat production.
E- The improvement of the buffalo animal's performance in the newly reclaimed land.
F- Improvement of produced milk and meat quality from buffaloes.
G- Find solutions for marketing of the buffalo animal's products, especially at the small-scale breeders.
H- Preserving and maintaining the Egyptian buffalo genetic resources.
I- Study the interaction between the buffalo animal and the environment and the impact of each other on their performance.