About Us

The Experimental dairy laboratory was established in 1958 and was a subordinate to the General Administration of Animal Production at the institute of Animal Production Research, then it was divided into four departments:

Rennet Research Department, headed by Prof. Dr. / Hamdy Abdel Majid
Dairy Technology Research Department, headed by Prof. / Gamal Abdel Tawab
Dairy Chemistry Research Department, headed by Prof. / Munib Ahmad Farid
Dairy Microbiology Research Department, headed by Prof. / Tadros Khalil Fahmy

In 1963 both Rennet and Dairy Technology departments became one independent department named as Dairy Technology Research Department was headed by Professor / Leila Abd-El Aziz Hamed El-Kowsy to 1991. Then after the relay heads of department Next names:

D / Said Mohamed Ewais (from 23/01/1991 to 1994)
D / Mohamed Nasr Ahmed Maher (from 01/23/1994 to 1998)
D / Nabil Ahmed Ahmed Younis (from 01/12/1998 to 2001)
D / Farouk Mohammed Abul-Naga Abdoh (from 01/12/2001 to 2004)
D / Abd El Kader Hefny (from 19/12/2004 to 2006)
D / Eysa Abd Elghaffar Hassan Emara (from 19/04/2007 to 2010)
D / Mohamed Bahgat Mohamed Mustafa (from 28/03/2010 to 2013)
D / Aida Soliman Salem (from 03/20/2013 until now)