Improve and develop of the traditional methods used in the manufacture dairy products to be of low economic cost ,high quality , safe on health and in agreement with the standard specifications.

2- Protect the environment by recycling the by-products such as whey, butter milk, permeate in order to increase the yield, decrease the environment pollution & utilize it in the manufacture of various nutritional products.

3- Utilization of the intermediating materials and milk substitutes "soy bean milk" in the manufacture of different dairy products.

4- Production of some kind of functional & innovative foods having special nutritional and healthy values that meets the demands of some consumers.

5- Utilize the starters & by-products in the manufacture of some functional dairy products.

6- Using the modern technique i.e. Ultrafiltration (UF) Reverse osmosis (RO) in the manufacture of some types of dairy products to increase yield, minimizing the loss in some of dairy components i.e. fat and protein, increasing the capital cycle.

7- Utilization of probiotic bacteria in the production of some types of functional dairy products possessing high nutritional and healthy aspects.

8- Increasing the efficiency of dried milk used in the field of manufacture of dairy products by using reconstitution and recombination techniques.

9- Improve and develop the fatty dairy products, i.e. cream, butter and butter oil, & fermented milk manufacturing.

10- Training of agricultural engineering guiders and youth of graduates on how to treat dairy products in healthy & proper ways in terms of handling, cooling, storing, and manufacturing.

11- Rural woman training on the manufacturing of some dairy products by improved, simple, & healthy ways to increase family income and benefits from the production of milk.

12- Provide technical advice in the development & manufacturing of dairy products for the owners of private factories, laboratories and small projects.

13- Apply the results of applied research in the field of dairy products on a commercial scale.