1. Production of soft, semi –hard and hard cheeses "using the modern technological method such as UF, RO and recombination and reconstitution units" having high yield & safe on health properties…. To minimize the costs and time of manufacturing process.

2. Production of functional and innovative beverages from by-products using extracts of some plants i.e. leaves of Moringa plants and fruits, i.e. red grape, pumpkin, mulberry ….etc.

3. Using extracts of some parts of medical plants (Moringa leaves) and special types of essential oil in the manufacture and extending the shelf –life of some dairy products such as cream and labneh.

4. Producing low calorie dairy products suitable for some consumers of special needs using fat and sugar substitutes.

5. Modification of chemical composition of buffalo, milk to produce some types of hard and semi -hard cheeses accepted by the Egyptian market.

6. Raising the nutritional value of some dairy products using some natural food additives such as wheat germ, dietary fiber, whey proteins, vitamins and minerals “especially iron”.

7. The use of natural antioxidants in the manufacturing of dairy products as substitutes for natural color & flavours, in addition for it's nutritive value.

8. Utilization of some strains of probiotic microorganisms & poly- saccharides producing strains in dairy industry to increase the economic return and improve the properties of the product.

9. Elicitation of new types of rennet substitutes from plant origin to be used in manufacturing & ripening of cheese.

10. Increasing the shelf –life of milk using non thermal treatments.

11. Studies on camel milk and the possibility of it's use in the production of dairy products, and identify the bioactive components and probiotic bacteria in it.

12. The use of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) in the manufacturing of dairy and dairy products.

13. Cooperation with research and executive sites in the field of dairy technology and participate with the Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality in the field of dairy and dairy products specifications.