1-Participate in solving a part of bread problem by:
- Mixing 20% corn flour to wheat flour.
- Introducing other alternatives beside corn flour to bread making
- Participate in the establishment of bread training center in Cairo governorate (Abassia)
- Spreading domestic ovens in the Egyptian villages.
- Improving the balady ovens to reduce the consumed energy
2- Introduce the soy products to the Egyptian and Middle East market for the first time.
3- Upgrading the olive oil production and improving their quality characteristics and established the modern olive mills.
4 – Participate in the school children nutrition project within the collaboration between ministry of agriculture and ministry of education.
5– Study the food consumption pattern in most Egyptian governorate since 1994 till now.
6- Enhancement and modernization of dairy products by using the super filtration technique and find new milk substitutes from plant sources (soy- peanuts).
7– Conduct several scientific research on processing technique, storage and increase the shelf life of meat and fish.
8- Increase attention with packaging and produce a ballistic pages to increase the shelf life of fruits and vegetables for exportation.