Future Activities

1- Participate in solving some of the national problems to decrease consumption.
Bread leaf
- Investigate the possibility to produce balady bread with 87% flour extraction (5% above the regular) accompanied with adding 20% corn flour .
- The utilization of second grade flour which produced from 72% extraction mills and this flour represent 5% of whole wheat that rich in vitamins and minerals and can not be sold. It could be added to bran fraction and could be mixed with flour 82% with 40% percentage to produce balady bread.
- Find other substitutes as berry and sorghum to mix with wheat flour with the same quality of the regular one since FTRI managed to produce balady bread with beery and damaged rice and keeping its same high quality .
- Decrease the lose during making and handling bread through conducting training courses for bakers in cooperation with ministry of supply.

- Conduct several symposium and workshops on decreasing the consumption of oils and fats and the over consumption hazards.
- Evaluation of several edible oils for their suitability in the local market.
- Searching for new untraditional sources of edible oils in order to shortage the job between production and consumption of oils.

- FTRI have a high concern on staphia plant as nature sweetener in various food processing (it could be mixed with sugar cane or sugar beet for decreasing sugar consumption)
- Increase food awareness to reduce the sugar consumption because of the high consumption rate of sugar .
- Continuing work on distributing soy products for their high nutritional and medicinal value and low price
- FTRI give attention to rural women through training her on start simple food processing projects and conducting annually free food education program for housewives
- Cooperation with Food Technology Center through supply technical experiences to solve industrial processing problems and upgrade products' quality to suit the global market and give concern on packaging problems .
- Fruit and vegetables field:.
• Enhancing the safety and quality of fruit and vegetables products.
• Produce untraditional food products with long shelf life like drying fruit sheets, potatoes powder- Tomatoes powder.
• Utilization the recycling of agricultural (plant) wastes in increasing economics returns and the preservation of the environment like producing high economic quality materials (silica gel from rice straw – natural colors- smoking liquid).
• Produce special food for many segments of society as bakery products- glutens free (celiac disease), soymilk for milk-lactose sensitive people . and peanut butter for vegetarians.

FTRI Saving hard currency by producing parts of soy bean production line instead of importing them and improving these units to upgrade the products quality.
- Expand the training base to absorb the unemployment of young graduates by conducting training courses in different agricultural and food processing fields as they signed a protocol with the social fund and the employment of young graduate, society in Giza.
- Participate in central administration for guidness and training program concerning food processing and prepare guidness newsletters.