About Us

Establish date: December 1991

Food processing research departments were distributed between field crops research institute and horticultural research institute. So it was necessary to gather these departments in one institute in order to integrate the research work between all food processing sectors.

Back Pone

FTRI constitute of 8 different research departments working in various food processing sectors:-

- Bread and dough research department.
- Special food and nutrition department.
- Field crops research department.
- Horticultural research department.
- Oils and Fats research department .
- Meat and fish research department .
- Dairy technology research department.
- Food processing and packaging research department.

FTRI also have 2 research units
- Food processing economics unit.
- Training and development unit.
- The Information net
- Library
- Egyptian Food Safety Information Center

FTRI have the central administration of food processing and it constitute of several pilot plants:-
- Soy Processing Unit
- olive oil factory
- Pickling factory
- Balady bread
- Pan bread & pastries
- Juice and Jam factory
- Drying factory
- Dairy products unit
- Extraction and distillations factory

Employment back bone

- 45 Head researches
- 77Senior researches
- 84 Researcher
- 13 Researcher assistant
- 22 Assistant research
- 649 Administrators & publiccadre
- 579 Temporary employee