• Developing the knowledge, skill, and attitudes of rural women regarding technical recommendations of plant, animal and poultry production.
• Identifying the educational requirements of rural women regarding marketing and consumption of agricultural products.
• Determining the contribution level of rural women in some activities related to agricultural production and environmental protection.
• Determining extension needs of rural women regarding some activities of production and marketing some exporting crops in Egypt.
• Planning and evaluation of extension programs in the area of food consumption.
• Analyzing rural women roles for developing rural family income through productive activities and small projects.
• Identifying the techniques should be followed with rural women to develop rural family living.
• Identifying the educational requirements of rural women in the area of motherhood and childhood.
• Identifying the educational requirements of rural women in the area of producing clean and healthy food.
• Identifying the constraints facing rural women and female graduates in farm and home management in both old and new regions and their recommendations to overcome them.
• Determining the appropriate extension methods and audio-visual aids for communicating with rural women and evaluation its effectiveness in the area of agricultural production and rural home economics.
• Determining the female local leaders, their training needs, and the factors affecting their motivation to participate in extension and rural development programs.
Determining training needs of female extension workers, evaluation of their performance, and the communication constraints facing them with rural women in various areas of extension and rural development activities