Fifty two studies were carried out in the field of rural women in development. These studies were as follows: Attitude of rural people towards rural women work, the contribution level of rural women in some agricultural production activities, the constraints facing rural women participation in developmental projects and activities, the implementation level of rural women to the practices of clean milk production, rural women role of marketing agricultural products and their recommendations to enhance it, rural women role of recycling farm and non-farm residuals in some governorates, the main information sources of female local leaders, studying rural women customs and habits regarding pregnancy, feeding and raising children, attitudes of female extension workers towards their role in the area of integrating population and environmental education in extension work, the extension activities of female extension workers, the constraints facing female extension workers in performing extension work, evaluation the appropriateness of training methods used in training female extension workers, determining knowledge needs of female extension workers in the area of food processing, and the determinants of improving the activities of bee-keeping and silk worm raising.