CRI has a long - term strategy that seeks to achieve the following strategic objectives : -
1- Continue to develop new cotton varieties for better yield quality and spinnability so as to meet the domestic and international textile industry standards and replace the grown varieties .
2- Develop early maturing, pest-resistant and stress - tolerant varieties , especially for high heat (southern valley) and salinity ( North Delta).
3- Maintain genetic purity, yield potentials and fiber qualities through annual renovation of the existing varieties and their multiplication for the production of foundation seeds .To this end, CRI collaborates with the competent seed administrations to ensure that the already grown strains are only handled in no more than 3 years.
4- Specify the most suitable agro – climati zons for each variety ,with a view to draw the best varietal map.
5- Identify the most adequate agronomic package for each variety and zone to maximize yield potentials under the diverse environmental conditions .
6- Improve quality assessment techniques to enhance the efficiency of the cotton breeding and technology programs.
7- Develop cotton sorting and grading techniques to better serve the domestic and export market operations; and improve ginning techniques to maintain the high quality of the Egyptian cotton .