About Us

Aquaculture Project grew out of an agreement between the Egyptian government and the United States Agency for International Development(USAID). On September 7, 1978, an agreement was signed between USAID and The Government of Egypt to participate in this project. A Presidential decree no 70 for 1979 was issued to confirm approval of the agreement .The Project had its beginning as the National Aquaculture Center, established to provide leadership in research, training and extension in applied aquaculture. Abbassa was chosen as the site for the national center because of its strategic location in region where many fish farms centrated. The construction began in 1981. The project was funded through grant from USAID with amount of $23.4 millions and L.E .7.7 millions from Egyptian Government. CLAR joined the Agricultural Research Center on November 12,1991 and is now firmly stablished as national most important center for aquaculture research.