About Us

Background about CLEVB:
The Central Laboratory For Evaluation of Veterinary Biologics (CLEVB) is the only governmental authorized laboratory in Egypt in charge of all evaluation processes of veterinary biologics and issuance of certificates for imported and locally produced veterinary biologics, including licensed or under licensed veterinary vaccines, immune modulators, therapeutic antiserum, diagnostic antigens and other product of biological origin as specific pathogen free embryonated eggs (SPF) produced by SPF farm.
CLEVB is one of MoALR`s key institutions playing a significant role in the prevention and control of many animal and zoonotic diseases in Egypt. CLEVB has been established in cooperation with EEC food AID Counterpart Funds as independent laboratory in 1996 under the authority of Agriculture Research Center and under the supervision of Ministry of Agriculture. The formation of the CLEVB laboratory monitoring capability is similar to that in other countries such as the USA and Europe countries where laboratory testing is an integral part of the quality assurance monitoring program.
The mandate of the CLEVB is to develop and conduct a quality assurance monitoring program with respect to purity, potency, safety and efficacy of veterinary biologicals (including vaccines and diagnostic antigens) for both locally produced and imported products.
CLEVB has been accredited by EGAC (Egyptian accreditation council) in compliance with:
1- The requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 in 2006 in" Evaluation methods of veterinary biological products"
2- The requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2017 in 2020 in “Calibration of Volume”