About Us

The Laboratory is the main output of the collaboration between Finnish and Egyptian governments through the Quality Control on Agriculture Products project.
The Central Laboratory of Residue Analysis of Pesticides and Heavy Metals in Food is the main collaboration between the Egyptian government represented by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Finnish government represented by the Ministry of Foreign Affair. The laboratory was established in 1995 by one of famous Experts Dr. Salwa Dogheim according to the ministerial decree no. 680 in year 1995. As the official laboratory for the ministry of agriculture in its field of analysis, the laboratory has been authorized to issue an official certificate for all types of analysis running in the laboratory.
In 1996 the laboratory has been awarded the international Accreditation Certificate in all analysis by the Finnish Branch (FINAS) of the European Accreditation Center for Laboratories (EAL) on basis of ISO 45001 which updated in 1999 to ISO/IEC 17025. The Laboratory is the first laboratory in Egypt and the Middle East countries awarding that kind of certificate.
On 20002 the Lab. Has been re-accredited on the new international quality system ISO 17025.