The main goal of the institute is to increase crop productivity and quality to ensure food security, optimize use of natural resources (land & water); and use up-to-date technology to reduce input cost and increase net returns to the farmers.
Detailed aims include:
1- Developing and releasing new high-yielding early maturing varieties and hybrids, which are also resistant to pests and tolerant to adverse conditions (salinity, drought and high temperature);
2- Producing high quality breeder and foundation seeds for all the recommended commercial varieties to maintain their genetic purity and cover farmer needs for certified seeds;
3- Optimizing best cultural practices for the new varieties and hybrids to increase their productivity and total production;
4- Applying the best cropping patterns to increase productivity and maintain soil fertility;
5- Planning and implementing extension and training programs in collaboration with the corresponding MOA agencies to transfer new technologies to farmers’ fields;
6- Collaborating with the ARC Institutes, Egyptian and foreign universities and national and international research centers, in the fields of stress, diseases and pest management to address major production constraints such as salinity, high temperature and drought.
7- Participating in DUS and VCU tests of different field crops and in other related activities for developing seed industry.
8- Implementing tailored training programs in collaboration with the Egyptian International Center for Agriculture for trainees from Africa, Asia and Latin America.
9- Maintaining the genetic resources and encouraging their exchange with national and international research centers.
10- Improving the research staff efficiency through local and international training programs, exchange of scientific visits and attending local and international conferences.