Release of many high yielding, early mature, pest-resistant and stress tolerant varieties and hybrids, with high quality products suitable to the local and export markets:
1- Remarkable productivity gains in most field-crops over the last 2 decades (1981-2001). The increase in major grain crops reached 50% for cereals, 46% for legumes, 24% for oil crops, 20% for forage crops and 15% for fiber crops (flax). As a result, food security situation has been remarkably improved and Egypt ranks high in the productivity of numerous field crops.
2- Updating different cultural practices for each crop to increase productivity in the old and new reclaimed lands.
3- Release new high-yielding varieties and hybrids of grain, legumes, oil and forage crops adapted to the old and new lands.
4- Strengthening breeding programs of different crops through exchange of genetic stock and promising varieties with national and international organizations, universities and research institutes.
5- Breaking yield-barriers through implementing training and extension programs to disseminate and apply research results in the farmers’ fields.
6- Implementing some applied research results in collaboration with other research institutes to benefit from crop residues and increase farmers’ income.