Current Activities

1- Breeding to develop, improve and release high-yielding varieties and hybrids with the following traits: early maturity, resistance to pests (diseases & insects), adaptable to all kinds of soil (old and newly reclaimed), and have good quality suitable for local and export markets:
2- Production of breeder and foundation seed and supervision of registered seed production to maintain genetic purity for varieties recommended by MOA. FCRI also producing certified seed to cover the largest area possible of farmers’ fields.
3- Germplasm conservation, characterization, and seed multiplication for use in different breeding programs.
4- Updating agronomic recommendations to accommodate new technologies to maximize yield without affecting high quality of new varieties and hybrids.
5- Crop protection while reducing use of chemicals through expansion of integrated pest management to minimize losses attributed to weeds, diseases and insects.
6- Technology transfer and dissemination among farmers through demonstration fields, verification trials and training of extension agents and pioneer farmers in collaboration with Central Administration for Extension and Central Administration for Agricultural Research Stations.
7- Local and international evaluation tests in collaboration with universities, institutes and national and international agencies.