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Onion is an economic and important export crop, which render considerable income for the farmer, whether planted alone or interplanted with most field crops and fruit trees and result in increases of onions export, national income. Onion is used as fresh full maturity bulb, dried or green plants in human nutrition and medical purposes. Since early times It was found painted on the temples of the ancient Egyptians more than four thousand years BC, it is mentioned in the holy books. Our focusing in breeding programs to produce cultivars and hybrids that has early maturity, to reducing the consumption of water in addition to that early cultivars will leads to restore European markets which were lost, characterized by consistent with the specifications and requirements of importers and fungal disease-resistant especially neck rot , black mold that impede the export . The five-year plan focus on the production of cultivars and hybrids suitable for the production of onions from sets where the distinction this way that early mature at the end of December and early January will fill the gap through this time escape of white rot disease , which begins to spread in late January and early February. The plan ensure production of cultivars and hybrids suitable for direct seed cultivation to reduce production costs in the new lands, which requires intensive studies under modern irrigation systems, as well as planting dates and appropriate, the plan includes the production of organic onions free from chemical contamination which is important for export to world markets