Animal Production Research Institute (APRI) is engaged in designing and implementing the research strategy within the framework of public policy. This strategy aims at supporting the role of animal production in coordination with crop production. Applied research conducted at the affiliated research stations is the tool of such strategy to bridge the protein and animal production gap.
It focused on:-
-Genetic improvement of local breeds of poultry and ruminants.
-Save and deployment of animal genetic resources and improved poultry.
-Development rural poultry sector .
-Improved forage resources available and expanding the use of agricultural residues.
- Maximizing the use of agricultural and non agricultural inputs for the various farm systems and raise economic efficiency.
-Improve and develop the dairy industry and its products.
-Follow-up to the effects of the environment and animal interaction and stimulate the positive effects
- Development of human resources and research personnel and technical.
-Providing practical solutions to the problems and obstacles which facing the private smallholders breeders.
- Deployment of new technologies and provide technical guidance to breeders and training of cadres guidance.
-Cooperation with research institutions and internal and external executive in the field of research and Livestock Development
The objectives of the Institute to achieve the strategic through 14 research department and 13 research station which include about 2444 head of cattle, buffalo and camels. 5492 head of sheep and goats, and about 70,000 of poultry , rabbits and waterfowl.

The objective of the animal production research institute performs by 2409 employees , including more than 609 researchers , 107 of research assistants, 221 of agricultural engineers , 158 technicians assistants 385 administrators and 929 workers.