Future Activities

1- Continuation of applied research leading to the increase and enhancement of meat and milk production of Egyptian buffalo.
2- Production of new genotypes emerging from crossing endogenous cattle with the exotic breeds to produce highly productive strains adapted to Egyptian conditions.
3- Focusing on genetic engineering as a rapid tool for genetic improvement.
4- Holding the genetically superior animals for creating an Egyptian gene bank.
5- Improving the performance of local sheep and conserving the local Zaraibi goats as an excellent Egyptian strain, and improving goat’s productivity in rangelands and newly reclaimed areas.
6- Continuing the poultry genetic improvement plan to produce chicken strains to be used to create a gene bank for the production of commercial hybrids for egg and meat production.
7- Continuing the embryo transfer program in buffalo, cows and sheep.
8- Continuing the running activities of in-vitro fertilization in farm animals.
9- APRI is planning to prepare facilities for DNA finger-printing for livestock and poultry.