About Us

The Animal Production Research Institute (APRI) dates back to 1908 when an independent Animal Breeding Section was formed. Its responsibilities were limited to applied research and activities related to buffalo, cattle and equine breeding. Since 1921, it has been affiliated with the Ministry of Agriculture as a Branch for Animal Breeding. In 1939, the branch was transformed into the Department of Animal and Poultry Breedign, and then into the Departement of Animal Production in 1944. In 1952, it was converted into the General Departement of Animal Production, and in 1971, when the General Authority for Agricultural Research (which became the Agricultural Research Center(ARC) in 1983) was formed, APRI became one of its research institutes.
The vision of the institute are:-
Contribute for raising per capita animal production secutity and work to raise the living standard of farmers especially small breeders, rural women and expand the integration with plant production and the optimum use of natural resouces of land and water so as to maintain the environment.