Current Activities

Research Plan for the year 2020/2021:
• 9-2-5-1-4: Value chain analysis of chicken fattening in Gharbia Governorate.
• 9-2-5-1-5: An economic study of alternatives to increasing Supply of the most important importing crops.
• 9-2-5-2-6: Economic Analysis of the Economic Effects of Cultivation improved wheat varieties.
• 9-2-5-1-2: Economic Analysis of Production and Consumption of Faba Bean in Egypt.
• 9-2-5-1-2: Estimating Food Security Index for Some Agricultural Commodities.
• 9-2-5-1-7: Situation and Outlook of Wheat.
• 9-2-5-1-7: Situation and Outlook of Rice.
• 9-2-5-1-7: Situation and Outlook of Sugar.
• 9-2-5-1-7: Situation and Outlook of Red Meat.
• 9-2-6-1-7 : The report "Achievements of the Most Important Agricultural Policies in the Light of the 2030 Sustainable Agricultural Development Strategy", Issue 7.
• 9-2-6-1-7 : An analytical study of the role of strategic planning in achieving sustainable development in the Egyptian agricultural sector.
• 9-2-6-1-7 : An analytical study of determinants of agricultural income.
• 9-2-6-1-7 : An economic study of the impact of agricultural price policy on medicinal and aromatic plants in Egypt.
• 9-2-6-1-7 : Determinants of Egyptian food security.
• 9-2-6-1-7 : An Economic Study of the effect of agricultural policies on vegetable oils in Egypt”
• 9-2-6-1-7 : An analytical study of the nutritional gap of oil crops in the Arab world.
• 9-2-6-1-7 : The role of agricultural projects in achieving rural development in Egypt.
• 9-2-6-1-7 : An economic study of the effect of climate and spatial variations on the sugar beet crop.
• 9-2-6-1-7 : The export efficiency of Egyptian exports of potato and onion crops.
• 9-2-6-1-7 : Estimating the food security situation in Egypt.
• 9-2-6-1-7 : Economic impacts of applying water management technology on the productivity of the most important field crops.
• 9-2-6-1-7 : The effect of value chain analysis on raising the economic efficiency of the potato crop in Menoufia Governorate.
• 9-2-6-1-7 : An economic study on the efficiency of red meat production in Menoufia Governorate.
• 9-2-6-1-7 : A standard model for estimating the quantity and value of wheat imports required to achieve food security in Egypt.
• 9-2-6-1-4 : Egyptian-African relations after 2011.
• 9-2-6-1-4 : An analytical study of foreign trade between Egypt and the most important African blocs.
• 9-2-6-1-5 : Feasibility study of a poultry production project.