Current Activities

Conduct economic and statistical studies covering the following topics:
- Economic study for the export potentialities and marketing efficiency for the main medicinal and aromatic plants.
- Study the effect of the World Trade Organization on the Egyptian agriculture sector.
- Outlook of cooperation between Egypt and Arab groups in the field of animal production.
- Investigation studies about the main agricultural exports and import commodities of COMESA with concentration on Egypt.
- Effect of changes in consumption on the food gap of faba bean.
- Environmental effects on the economic development.
- Analytical study for some indicators of the rural development in ARE.
- Effect of the WTO on the agricultural imports.
- Analytical study about the role of credit in rural development and poverty alleiration.
- Rural financial market.
- Study the constraints and possibilities of improving the agricultural cooperation role in agricultural finance and credit in Egypt.
- Investors’ directions and ideas about the appropriate climate for the agricultural investment, and the investment opportunity available for individuals and banks in the agriculture sector.
- Role of the Social Development Fund in financing some of the agricultural activities and solving problems of unemployment.
- Analytical study about the financial efficiency of some projects and farms producing meat and milk in the new land.
- Economic study of the different patterns of new land utilization.
- Methods of improving agricultural statistics.
- Economic studies on the demand of agricultural labor using production function for corn and maize.