Future Activities

Activities and Services
AERI activities and services are concentrated in three main areas:
I. Research
• The Institute conducts researches that aim at addressing various development issues in the fields of plant, animal, and fish production; land reclamation; marketing; foreign trade; and improving agricultural census in order to improve self-sufficiency rate and farmer's income.
• Permanent follow-up of agricultural economic problems and attempting to find proper solutions and suggest possible alternatives.
• Follow-up new and successive domestic and international economic changes and their implications for Egypt's agricultural economy, and attempting to reach some proposals to obtain maximum benefits from such changes and reduce potential losses.

II. Training and Extension
3. Extension
AERI's role in providing extension services is concentrated in conducting applied researches that aim at resolving the problems encountered in agricultural production, marketing and exports in many areas, the most important of which are: economics of agricultural production, agricultural marketing, marketing information, optimum use of natural resources, application of the economic research findings, investment in the field of micro and small agricultural projects, and the transfer of recommendations through symposia and debates organized to extension agents who transfer them in turn to agricultural sector agents (i.e., producers, middle-agents, technicians).

4. Training
Training plays an essential role in developing the efficiency and skills of researchers so as to improve their performance level and capabilities in the field of specialization. Such improve is bound to have positive impacts on the implementation of agricultural development plans and objectives. The organized training courses cover several areas including:

• Specialized training courses for researchers on the Institute's fields of activity.
• English language.
• Training on computer, information management systems, and the Internet.
• Short-term training courses for Agricultural Extension Agents.
• Integrated training with other research institutes affiliated to the Agricultural Research Center.

III. Technology Transfer
AERI plays a key role in the economics of technology through conducting the following researches:

1. Economic assessment of the results of farm experiments conducted by other research institutes.
2. Economic assessment of agricultural projects.
3. Economic assessment of small agricultural industries.
4. Economic assessment of new lands.
5. Economic assessment of modern marketing methods.