National Gene Bank Database [NGBDB]
Main Place Central Laboratory for Agricultural Expert System (CLAES)
Dates Starting Date: 3/2004      Ending Date: 9/2004
Objectives Develop a Centralized Database for mangment the gene banke operations
• development of the database for the Department gene bank (plant and animal) located
• In Egypt, which is stored in the gene bank through this rule by: --
o to locate and quantity of genes inside of refrigerators and work an average of the whereabouts of these genes inside the refrigerator
o extraction report on the operations carried out on these genes
Achievements • created a database of plant and animal genes on the internal network of the bank
• been extraction system and training by the user and use Almnotin
• been working to improve the system a year later began activated to keep up with requirements that it Zaralaaniaj
• system was handed over to him and the work of maintenance for one year.
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  • National Gene Bank