production of tomato powder using a simple technique
Main Place Food Technology Research Institute (FTRI)
Dates Starting Date: 6/1999      Ending Date: 6/2001
Objectives - production of improved tomato powder on the level of rural growers
2- cover the demand of local consumption without importation from aborad
3- saving the foreign hard currencies paid to import tomato paste
4- lowering the loss percentage of tomato yield by encouraging local processing on the spot by the growers themselves
5- enabling the youth to find new occasions for profitable work
6- lowering the costs of processing, packaging, storage and transportation as a result of loiwering the wieight by drying using solar energy
7- perhaps we can find a way for exportation of tomato products
8- training the small producers on the tomato powder production methods
9- using the produced tomato powder in some other prepared food products

Achievements - the mature colored tomato fruits which are usually liable to decay during transportion, and marketing could be used for the production of tomato powder of high quailty attributes, by the growers themselves in these growing area. these activites could be described as small processing projects
2- the solar dryers could be utilized especially in the southern regions of egypt side by side with the air drying oven in producing dried tomato products
3- tomato powder could be used instead of tomato sauce imported from abroad therfors hard currencies pound from importation could be gained
4- tomato powder could be used to produce a powder of soft or hot ketchup.Also we can prepare a powder of Koshary sauce and ofhigh qualities which are instantly and
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