Production of natural colorants from natural sources
Main Place Food Technology Research Institute (FTRI)
Dates Starting Date: 7/1999      Ending Date: 7/2001
Objectives 1- utilization of natural plant sources in producing natural pigments or natural colorants.
2- Solving the problem accumulation of wastes remaining after processing
3- Saving hard currency paid in importing artificial or synthetic clorants from abroad
4- Stopping the utilization of artificial colorants harmful to human health
5- Connect with production centers to solve their problems concerning color and co-operate with them to use natural colorants in coloring food products and as natural antioxidants
6- Contact with environment affairs as artificial colorants are considered to be food pollutes hence to co-operate with them to encourage utilization of natural colorants instead of artificial ares harmful to human health
Achievements 1- it was successful through the aforementioned project to produce some natural pigments from agriculture raw material and wastes remaining after processing
2- through the current project it could be achieved to study the chemical structure of the natural separted pigments and to define the most economic procedures those pigments
3- studding defect factors affecting the stability of the separated colorants
4- it was possible to make very successful application for utilization the natural separated pigments in coloring a lot of food specially candy and sweets consumed by children " the first consumers of colored products
5- we studied the stability of the separated natural colorants inside the colored products
6- it was capable and possible to train a lot small youth in producing the natural pigments from natural sources

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