Agricultural Extension Agents Attitudes Toward Information Performance about Agricultural Crises in Dakahalia and Assiout Governorates

Abstract: The main objectives of this study are to: determine the degrees of agri. extension agents' attitudes toward information performance about studied agricultural crises importance degrees of the studied Agricultural crises up to respondents. Also; to know the information performance degrees of agricultural crises up to respondent on them, to recognize the relationship between degrees of studied agricultural crises information performance and the degrees of respondents attitudes toward this performance and to know respondents suggestions to enhance information performance on agricultural crises up to respondents opinion.

A random sample of 80 respondents they represents 21.45% of the total agricultural extension agents were chosen from Dakahlia and Assiuot governorates to collect data by using questionnaire through personal interview. Data were collected during June – July 2011.
Percentage, arithmetic mean, standard deviation and simple correlation were used to analyze data.

The most important findings were as follows:
1- The total degree of attitudes respondents toward agricultural crises information performance was positive (45% of the sample).
2- The most important studied crises were the shortage in irrigation water crises and the shortage of produced wheat crises up to respondents by 78.75% and 76.25 % respectively.
3- The moderate degree of T.V. information performance was higher than printed and audio information performance (the degree was 2.10).

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