Mass Media Debate of Some Agricultural Crises in Egypt

Abstract: The research aims at determining knowledge degree of mass media agricultural agents (MMAA) related to some agricultural crises that face Egyptian agric. Sector; to determine also agricultural information sources that provide those agents by media material about some crises; to define debate degrees of agric. mass media of some agricultural crises by Mass Media Agents; to identify the relationship between mass media debate degrees of some agricultural crises and the knowledge degrees of mass media agents related to it.
Data were collected by using questionnaire through personal interview from agricultural mass media agents who are working on editing, publication, and broadcasting written, visual and audible media materials related to agricultural sector.
The sample of study was 110 agricultural mass media agents; they represent 44% of the population.
Frequency tables, percentage, standard deviation arithmetic mean, weighted mean simple correlation coefficient (Pearson) and step-wise multiple correlation and regression analysis were used to analyze data.

The most important results were as following:
1- The agricultural crises that studied had high degrees of interest by (MMAA) were three crises: (a) The lack of wheat production. (b) The effect of climate change on agricultural production. (c) Lack of red meat production.
2- Newspaper and T.V. were the important sources of information to (MMAA) according to frequencies degrees they were 563,497 respectively.
3- According to step-wise analysis newspaper shared by 41.46% on the variance of the knowledge degrees of (MMAA) about lack of financial, credit and agricultural investment crises.
Publication year 2012
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