Breeders' Information and Execution and Executive Need in Raising Sheep at Some Ismailia Governorate Villages

Abstract: .Abstract
These was a positive relationship (0.01 significance level ) between total
score of information needs related to sheep technical recommendations
and each of the studied independent variables of formal educational
years, siege of forage cultivated areas, and number of experience years
related to sheep husbandry.
- 72.7%of the research participants were with high total executive needs of
sheep husbandry.
-there was a positive significant relationship between total information
executive needs and each of the studied independent variables of
number of years spent in formal education, and area size cultivated with
-the research fending was explained in more details within the research
paper melding those problems that encounter
The main objectives of this research were: to determine each of
information and executive needs for sheep breeders at some villages of
Ismailia Governorate.
The research was Conducted at Ismailia Governorate with a sample
engmpassed 189 Sheep breeders (10% of the whole sheep breeder
population). The research sample was Selected From the biggest three
districts regarding sheep number. The research Sample was roundly drawn
from the official records of sheep breeders (a systematic random sample).
The research date was collected during the period 20July-30Sept.,
2017 With Face-to-Face into views and a written questionnaire.
The Writer questionnaire was pretested on 30 respondents during at
Al- nagged Village of Kantara shark – .The accrued research data was
statistically analyzed Frequency tables, percentages, and Simple correlation
The main findings of the research were as the following:
-74.6% of the research participants were of high information levels in
regard with sheep husbandry technical recommendations.
-information need levels was high regarding those
technical recommendations related to forming a sheep stock, sheep barn
construction, different necessary items. That should be available in
sheep farms, different operations implemented in the farm, different
operations related to post-natal, and sheep nutrition.
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