Minia growers' adoption to methed growing wheat on stone benches

Abstract: lt showed a positive relation by 0,01 between the researched age , the
total agricultural property, the total grown area of wheat , the
educational level , the attitudes towards growing wheat on bench
stones , the level of attitudes towards change , the sources of hearing
about growing wheat on bench stones , the cognitive level of
recommendations of growing wheat on bench stones and the growers'
adoption level .
3 - the family and the neighbours are one of the most important sources the
researched depend on their information about growing wheat on stone
benches universities .
4- the results showed that 85,5/ of the sample had low or average
cognition about the relative advantage of using benches in growing
5 - The high cost of preparing the land for growing was the highest ratio of
difficulty .
6-The most important problems from the growers' point of view were
Providing the supplies /inputs of production only for landowners,The
high cost of harvesting and collecting the crop, The amount of fertilizer
provided for a feddan is not enough .The high cost of chemical
fertilizers . Relating supplying the crop to the granary to agricultural
The research aimed at recognizing the level of growers adoption to
using benches in growing wheat and the sources of information the growers
depend on concerning this way, their cognition about its relative advantage,
identifying the meaningful relation between the degree of adoption and other
dependent studied changes and the difficulties that face the researched in
addition to recognizing the production problems from the sample's point of
view .
The research was performed in Minia governorate. The total number
of the sample was 362 growers. The sample was taken randomly from the
growers' records extensional fields in the area According to Krigsy and
Morgan equivalent, the sample of the study numbered 186 of the
extensional fields owners over all the administrative centers in the
governorate.The survey form was done through interviews as a tool to
collect data. The data was collected in July 2017. The recurrences
,percentage ,scale , deviation , simple correlation and Siperman's simple
correlation to analyze the data by using the SPSS statistics program .
The most important results were as followed :
1-Four of five of the researched had medium and high recognition about the
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